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What software needs a designer? A Starting guide



What software needs a designer? A Starting guide

Eye-catching visuals play a vital role in grabbing the attention of your potential audience. Graphic designers are worth mentioning in this regard as they make the best use of their skills to bring out the best designs of these visuals. They make use of a wide array of tools for improving the images and visuals. Here is a list of the most popular tools, which are used by designers. Take a look!



Whether you want to remove any unwanted objects from any photo, or you want to enhance the appeal of any image, Photoshop happens to be the number one choice of any graphic designer. This tool is used by newbies as well as experienced designers for collaborating with different images at a time.

 It is equipped with several features which include channel mixing, perspective correction, clone stamp tool, to name a few. You can add a personalized touch to the images with the aid of this tool. In addition to this, it can be used to rotate, straighten, flip or crop any image.


Adobe Dreamweaver

It is another popular tool in the list of graphic design tools, available in the market. With the aid of this software, you can manage the existing websites. It also allows you to design new website content. You will be capable of editing and writing code with the aid of this tool.

 It comes with a plethora of customizable starter templates by which you can build the website within the shortest possible time. This tool comes with the simplified coding engine by which it is possible to manage as well as build dynamic websites without any hassles.

 Microsoft Paint happens to be another popular tool by which it is possible to create stunning artworks. Whether you want to craft celebrity portraits, or you are planning to design elegant skylines, you can go for ms paint download without a second thought. This tool gives you the opportunity to create professional looking graphic images in less than fifteen minutes.


Adobe Illustrator CC


If you are looking forward to creating logos for your brand, video games, websites, and print, you can opt for this graphic designer tool. Professional graphic designers make the best use of this tool to create sketches, topography, creative designs. It comes with the in-built templates and presets that help in creating faster designs.

It also boasts of the Snap to Pixel feature which can be personalized for alignment of the artwork with the pixel boundaries. It has become the number one choice of designers as it can scale the artworks to different sizes and ensure to maintain the quality at the same time.


Corel PaintShop Pro


This graphic design software is known to have a powerful combination of different vector drawing and photo editing tools. This tool has more than 650 photo filters, along with pen tools, vector brushes. You can make the best use of the photo filters for building custom brushes. If you are new to graphic designing, you can refer to the learning resources to understand how to use the tool.




Graphic designers who want to create professional graphic designs of high excellence can opt for Canva. It boasts of an intuitive and robust drag and drops editor by which it is possible to get access to a wide assortment of fonts, images, and graphics. You can use this tool for editing the designs, flyers, corporate brochures, marketing materials, book covers, visual charts, presentations, to name a few.


It is regarded as one of the leading graphic designer tools by which it is possible to create a plethora of graphic designs. With this tool, you can gain complete control, and thus you will be able to deliver the best designs within the shortest possible time. You can use this tool to work with the large files on Core Photo-Paint. Newbies can learn a lot from the training videos that come with this tool. It features interface customization to enhance the elegance of the graphic designs.


Pixlr contributes to being one of the well renowned graphic designer tools by which you can ensure the most sophisticated editing. It also offers the prerequisite tools for hassle-free tweaks, image fixing without compromising the quality of the images. It is possible to use or get access to the online image editor of this tool online to edit and add to the beauty of the images.

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