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Top 15 Free Adobe Lightroom Presets for Your Photos



Top 15 Free Adobe Lightroom Presets for Your Photos


Adobe Lightroom presets are perhaps the most useful and popular tools for users who want to edit their photos quickly and professionally.
In this article, we want to tell you about the best bundles of Adobe Lightroom presets for fast and professional work with photos of different genres.

1. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Portrait


Free Portrait Lightroom Presets Bundle will help you create beautiful portraits even if you aren’t a skillful retoucher. With this bundle, you will be able to increase the contrast of pictures, remove color distortion, make photos warmer or colder and easily turn them into black and white.
Read the How to Install Presets Guide to import any element of the presented bundle easily.

2. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Matte


This Free Matte Lightroom Presets Bundle will add a stylish matte effect to your portrait, wedding, street, travel and newborn pictures in a matter of a few seconds.

3. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Wedding


Even if photographers have had a perfect wedding photoshoot with amazing pictures, they still need to spend plenty of time on improving them. They have to perform photo culling, color correction and basic image editing.

This bundle has presets for outdoor and indoor images, black and white presets, Lightroom presets with VSCO vibes, vintage presets, etc.

4. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Pastel


Use Pastel Lightroom presets to create soft and tender portrait, newborn, travel and wedding pictures. These presets will be easy to use even for beginners who, besides the presets, are often interested in how to use Adobe Lightroom for free. Luckily, this is possible.

5. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Street Photography


Using them, you will be able to improve the pictures of old buildings, modern skyscrapers and passers-by. You can play with color settings, saturation, add different tones to your photos.

6. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Light and Airy


If you don’t feel like working with dark and dull pictures anymore and want some changes, try switching to airy images that look calm and peaceful. Using these presets, you will be able to create soft, gentle and truly remarkable photos.

7. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Food


Lightroom Food presets will be perfect for food photographers and bloggers. Also, they will be very helpful to the owners of food establishments who want to have bright menus and interesting advertising on social networks.

8. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Orange and Teal


Orange and Teal Lightroom presets create bright and stylish colors in pictures with nature background. You can customize each preset in this bundle so that it matches your style.

9. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Cross Process


The presets will enhance the saturation and color balance, add a unique vintage effect. Using these presets, you will make the details in your pictures more prominent.

10. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Black and White


Black and white photography is never out of style. With these Lightroom presets, you will be able to add various black and white effects to your images, with different levels of saturation, shades, lighting and many more.

11. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Landscape


These presets will let you achieve the HDR effect, add a cinematic look, make photos more saturated and vibrant or, vice versa, add more cold tones.

12. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Sunset


Lightroom Sunset presets will be perfect for you if you feel like adding a romantic and dreamy look to your wedding or travel photos. This bundle will be ideal for color correction of pictures taken during the golden hour.

13. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Urban


The bundle offers all the presets necessary for this genre of photography, including HDR for clear and voluminous shots, B&W for unique and mysterious cityscapes, Matte for pictures taken at dusk or dawn and adding warm and soft hues, etc.

14. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Vintage


With Vintage Lightroom presets you will be able to create the glamorous vintage atmosphere in a matter of several clicks. These presets will give your images a classic, “old-fashioned” look.

15. Free Adobe Lightroom Presets: Mobile


Thanks to Lightroom Mobile Presets Bundle, you will be able to enhance your photos in a matter of several minutes right on your smartphone. These presets are very easy to work with and the result will be amazing.

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