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Get the best Fonts Types to apply in your projects



Get the best Fonts Types to apply in your projects


How many Fonts types do you know?

Types and variously of Fonts are almost endless, people always creating new Fonts for they needs and replenish that list. Mostly it’s free to download, and if you need to pick up new Font in our days – it’s not a problem. You can find a lot of guidelines for creating, installing, and helpful info for choosing the right Font. We want to show you few samples, and explain how variously can be this niche. Here we go, check the first one:


Sexy Fonts

sexy fonts

No matter how strange it sounds, anything can be sexy these days. On the picture you can see the Font, which calls “QT’s”. It’s not a good decision to make whole site in this style, but if you want to add some fun into your blog – why not? It’s free to download from fontsly, and you can find out more sexy Fonts following the link.


Sans Serif


But Fonts it’s not only for fun, of course, and here you can see the most popular type in the world – Sans Serif. It can be used in absolutely different niches, from the billboards till paper official documentary. You don’t even need to download Sans Serif fonts, it’s already on your computer, you can find out a lot of similars in Microsoft Word.


Calligraphy Fonts


Want to find something special for your site? Many years calligraphy pleased people on paper, and now anyone can pick it up in seconds. It’s very funny that now anyone can use it, in the past people spent years learning this art.


Script Fonts


There no clear rules in the Fonts, you can create whatever you want, just make it looks attractive. Script fonts it’s obviously proof of rules absence in the Fonts library, you can go ahead and check out the others here.


Graffiti fonts


Street culture is a global movement, which is developing more than 50 years. I am already imagine some hip-hop story with that Font in the title, it would seems pretty awesome. This one calls “holmes”, not ordinary graffiti Font, you can go ahead and download here that sample.

If you are trying to pick the Font and it’s too hard (sure it is), designers have a small tips to make it easier. Here is few questions that you should ask yourself while choosing the Font:

  • It would be used in some official style?
  • In what mood should it be?
  • Is it relevant to the colors and pictures on the page?
  • As a result, letters will be large or small?
  • You need Sans Serif or Serif?

This list goes on and on, but you can check it by yourself at Need to understand how important Fonts in our days, it’s the face of every company, you contact with them every day and if font unattractive – you probably wouldn’t read. Of course, main customers in that niche are site owners, press-people, and designers. But regular internet surfers easily can find where they can use the fonts, from the personal blog till some social media, like twitter.

It is also possible to create your own font, no matter how difficult it may sounds, with modern software you can figure it out and create something in really small time period. A lot of free software allow us changing, creating something new, transfer your handwriting into the program and base your Font on it. Internet full of the guidelines, just type in Google what you are want to know – and you will find the answer.

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